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REVIEW - Summon Kassern by Azure Boone & Kenra Daniels

Summon Kassern - Azure Boone Kenra Daniels 
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12 Warrior Archangels are to be sent to Earth to stop their Fallen Brethren from setting off Armageddon prematurely.

Kassern, the Ruby Warrior, is the first archangel in line to come to Earth. He has a month to get a preacher and a stripper to fall in love and help him become the Holy Warrior needed to fight Satan's abominations.

Devyn, the stripper, needs to save herself and her best friend Karly from a life of prostitution, so when the preacher, Troy, offers escape, she takes a chance on him.

But can Kassern keep them all safe from the demon hordes after them? Especially with the train wreck that is Karly along for the ride? For the Ruby Warrior it’s a piece of cake. Until humanity begins to get under the Archangel’s skin.

My Review
I was really excited to read this book after reading the synopsis as it was completely different from anything that I’d ever read before. Satan is trying to find loopholes to take over the Earth. A scientist accidentally created these ‘creatures’ and they’re worried about the impact of these on the world. In order to stop this, God sends down 12 Archangels, each with the task of finding two humans and making them fall in love in order to help save the world. Each has 1 month to complete this task and Kassern was the first sent down.

I loved his couple. Troy and Devyn couldn’t be more opposite but they were the perfect match for one another. He is a preacher trying to help exploited women and help as many people as he can, and she is a stripper whose life has thrown her one curveball after another. She’s trying to save her best friend from her horrid boyfriend and a life of prostitution. How could they ever end up together? I enjoyed how the two characters personalities and relationship played out and grew throughout the book. Troy is a sheltered man and all he wanted to do was rescue Devyn. He didn’t expect her to evoke all these feelings within him and Devyn didn’t think she could ever fall for a preacher given her background. 

These two characters together were perfect, and the development of every character in the story was done carefully as to not overwhelm, but ease us into their story. Their union played a key role for Kassern, who didn’t really make an appearance until further in the book. He becomes a little bit human in order to stay on Earth and fight against Satan’s armies. Once Kassern arrived, in his muscled bad-ass glory, the action in the book really kicked off to another level and I loved it. He also didn’t expect to be affected by Devyn best friend. Angels, demons, powers, heroes and romance. Each aspect of the book was very cleverly thought out to help the book flow and unfold the story plots.

This is the start of what I feel will be a very good series and I can’t wait to read the next book. I enjoyed how it was really two romance stories in one, one of the human couple and also the Archangel. At the start you’re thinking ‘a preacher and a stripper? That’s not going to work!’ but I can guarantee you, it works perfectly. I loved how opposite they were. I can’t wait to see how this story and series unfold and where it will lead to. If you’re looking for a paranormal read with a bit of a different spin then this is definitely one to read. Loved it.  

*ARC received for an honest review

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  1. Great review and great book series, love them all