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REVIEW - Finding Home by Aine Kelley

Finding Home – Aine Kelley
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Can two broken people help each other learn to love again and find their way home?

For Samantha Cole, love and relationships have never come easy. Pain and heartbreak have forced

Ben Foster has been dealing with heartache and guilt for the past two years, believing he lost his only chance at love. Pounding guys on the Rugby field and running the family winery get him through the pain. When Sam arrives he slowly lets out the breath he's been holding and the fog lifts. He wonders if she is the one that can help his heart find a new way home.

Letting go of the past and moving forward is not always easy. Their connection is strong, but their pasts keep getting in the way. Will Sam and Ben's journey tear them apart or help them find their way to becoming each other's home?

her to build a wall around herself. Hoping to start over, Sam leaves Boston behind and moves to Napa with her best friend. Trying to make better choices in love, Sam establishes rules to keep her heart safe. Little did she know that one man would challenge her and change her mind. He had the potential to break down her walls and bring her heart back home.

My Review
This book for me was a real eye opener and a journey between two people with a story line I’d not really read before. This was a book about loss, heartache, misunderstandings, but more importantly it was the rebuilding of two people, two souls who each suffered different kinds of heartache in their life. How can they help each other and move on when they’re both so broken? How can they afford to love another, when they’ve both been burned and broken in the past?

“Love is a beautiful thing. It fills you up unlike anything you’ve ever known or experienced. It can be effortless and challenging all at the same time. But what it really comes down to, I believe, is letting someone else in. Letting them see all of you.”

This is a story that entwines your emotions and thoughts together with the book so well that you become connected with the characters. I couldn’t put the book down. Here we have both Samantha and Ben, desperate for love and the attention of another. Yet when it comes down to it, non are willing to lower the walls to let someone in and take a chance. Ben’s turmoil and grief from losing the love of his life has left him a shell of his former self. He’s riddled with guilt and pain from what happened that he’s been a shell of his former self. Why him? Why did he have to lose out? He doesn’t want to go through all that pain again and so keeps everyone out. No-one has been able to get past these barriers, but can Samantha?

“We have both been broken, and piece-by-piece were rebuilding each other.”

Samantha past relationships have revolved around cheating ex’s and a build-up of insecurities so bad that she’s resolved to let no man into her life. Not now, not ever. When she finally comes face-to-face with her best friend’s brother Ben, she can’t explain these feelings inside that no one has managed to stir for a while. Could she finally have found the right man to let in? But what if it goes wrong again?

“It’s all you. It started with our first talk. Our first touch. Our first kiss. Our first time making love. Our first everything. Because you are my everything Sam. I want more firsts with you.”

Watching the relationship between these two grow was beautiful. We saw each begin to lower their defences and somewhat take a chance on one another. They want to be loved but still struggle to let each other in. Ben starts to realise that maybe he can love again and Sam finally see’s that not all men are the same. This book was sweet and captures your attention and heart. There are some plot twists in the book that will have you on the edge of your seat, but the final result is so bittersweet that their story will remain with you long after. An absolutely beautiful tale of learning to love again, one that I would recommend over and over. It was perfect. Can’t wait for Jack and Jenny’s story.

“Hopefully you follow me, and, when you do, I’ll be there are the end. Standing. Waiting. Reaching out for you. Finally finding us. Finding love. Finding home.”

My Rating


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