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REVIEW - Uncomplicated by Dawn Robertson & Jo-Anna Walker

Uncomplicated – Dawn Robertson & Jo-Anna Walker
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Three days a week I work your everyday nine-to-five. The paperwork is never-ending. The
pay is mediocre, and the office drama is simply intolerable. But the other four days a week, I am my own boss.
My name is Jennifer Sunshine and I am a Vegas Call Girl.
My clients range from frat boys on spring break to multimillionaire business men with stuffy wives and less than ideal equipment.

I don’t have a daddy-complex or some kind of sob story.
I don’t need the money, but it certainly is nice.
The only thing I crave is the exhilarating feeling I get from being in control of something. Anything.

My life is uncomplicated, simple even.
That was until he bulldozed his way into my life, and everything changed.
Overnight he makes me realize how much I truly need him. 

My Review

 Well this book was definitely something. It was amazing! So funny, a nice light hearted read with enough action, brilliant characters, twists and turns to make you love it. When I first heard that these two authors were working together, I knew that it was going to be good and I was in no way disappointed. We have one author who creates feisty, stubborn lead women and the other who gives us strong, hot, pain in the ass lead males who you can’t help but fall in love with at the end. With these two working together, you know there are going to be fireworks.

“She was the one. I wanted her. Needed her on a level I couldn’t explain. She would be mine and she would give in. If not, I sure loved a challenge.”

First off, we have Jenny. I loved Jenny as a character, she's feisty, stubborn yet still very level headed. She isn't scared to put Mathis in his place one single bit. She is a high price call girl in Las Vegas who has secretly been in love with one of her clients for a while. Then comes the downer when he has a new girlfriend and only sees her as an escort. To take her mind off Jude, she and her friend Nora go to a club opening for a quiet night out. Little did Jenny know who she would be meeting there…

Mathis picks out Jenny in a crowd and is instantly drawn to her. He wants her and come hell or high water, he is going to have her. Jenny can’t stand the arrogant club owner and brushes him off, she doesn’t care that he’s rich or owns a million clubs. That is until she wakes up and finds out that they’re married. I absolutely LOVED these two as a couple. Mathis you can’t not love, as he’s just so alpha, cocky but then with Jenny, we see his softer side. The sweet, nerdy glasses wearer guy who just weakens your resolve and worms his way into Jenny’s life. I loved the back and forth banter and even the arguments between these two. They’re both so stubborn and neither wanting to back down had me laughing and when they finally give in, boy is it HOT!

“How do you think it was? I have a hangover from fucking hell and woke up married to some rich asshole.”

While the book did focus mainly on their relationship, it was not without plot twists and turns that helped to draw you in. You have the jealous ex-client of Jenny’s who wants her back, Mathis little secret, connections with other characters. It makes the story more believable. Here’s two people who love each other, fight like cat and dog but when it comes down to it they support each other and battle things head on. The ending is also so good and so sweet! I love that they got a HEA and it wouldn’t be drawn out, but instead we get to see more from the other characters too.

“My life has been missing something for a long time. It wasn’t until I saw you across that club that I realised exactly what it was. It was never about sex, or money. It was about the way you made me come to life that night. From the moment we met, I knew you would be a challenge,” he paused for a moment, only to place a kiss on my neck. “But every minute since then has been worth it. I’ll never want anyone else the way I want you.”

This collaboration between Dawn and Jo-Anna in my opinion was perfect. I’ve read books from both authors so I know how good their books are, they do not disappoint. I loved this book and want more! They work so well together. They’re like strawberries and cream, bacon and eggs, even Mario and Luigi. Together they are amazing and you don’t want to separate them. I really look forward to their next installment and can’t wait to see where it leads.

“Marrying her was probably the fucking smartest decision I had ever made.”
*An ARC was received in exchange for an honest review

My Rating


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