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REVIEW - Possessed by You by Jo-Anna Walker

Possessed By You - Jo-Anna Walker

***WARNING: Due to the graphic content, this book is not suitable for a younger reading audience***
Releasing control is relief…

I was warned about men like Brett Maclean.

He was dark and thrilling, intense and controlling. And he captivated me from the very start. He unleashed something inside of me like no other. His bad rep and troubled past drew me to him like gasoline feeding a flame.

With just one taste, I felt the danger in him, the uncontrollable power that left me breathless. The passion consumed me. Fast and hard.

Temptation couldn't guard my heart. I should have known a man of such raw and wild desires came with competition.

My Review

“It’s a need so strong, it possesses me.”

I am a huge fan of Jo-Anna Walkers Shattered Series so when I read this book I was so happy that Brett finally gets his shot at a happily ever after. In Break me and Always Me, we saw quite a bit of Brett and I have to say that even though I liked him, I didn’t completely warm to him like I did with Sebastian. In this book however, that is not the case. Brett was so good in this book! He’s like a completely different guy, all alpha and possessive and I loved him in this. This book is a spin off to the Shattered series so we do see some characters from the previous books.

“Lover,” his voice softened. “Everyone has a past. I want my future to be you.”

This book centres on Brett and Evvie, who when they meet, there are obvious sparks but they don’t do anything about them until one after noon in his office. Boy, do things get hot and heavy quickly. Both are very strong and stubborn characters that the fight to give in is quite funny as neither wants to back down. I was hooked from the first few chapters and I read this book in one sitting. I enjoyed the development of the story and relationship and thought that the plot twists were quite inventive which kept me hooked.

“Well you fucking own me, Evvie. Every single piece of me. Mind, body and soul. I am fucking yours.”

I absolutely loved the two lead characters together, Evvie is sweet, innocent but then can be feisty when she needs to be and put Brett in his place, while Brett is sexy, commanding and completely alpha and I just LOVE how he calls Evvie ‘lover’, so cute! The chemistry between the two was off that charts and they just can’t resist each other. I like how he doesn’t want commitment and Evvie doesn’t want a relationship of that sorts but once they’re together, it works. The walls that they both have, start to crumble as their feelings grow. In this sense it was a nice, sweet read for me and I fell in love with the characters completely.

“The first time I looked at you, I felt something. Even though I thought you were an asshole, I was attracted to you.”

The supporting characters, although they don’t really have a pivotal role in the book, for me just added to the overall feel of the book. I loved the family feel with Evvie’s brothers and would love to see more of them too! I wish we could have seen something of the characters in the Shattered series because they weren’t mentioned at all, only hinted at in Brett’s ‘past relationships’. We also saw quite a bit of Mathis too, who has his own book now (Uncomplicated). I actually found Brett’s ex to be one of the most intriguing characters. Even though you hate her, you can’t help but wonder when she’d going to turn around and do something drastic. With her it felt like a ticking time bomb and I can’t wait to see what happened when it blew.

“What I feel for you is deeper than love. It’s an all-consuming need. It’s like you have a firm grip on my heart and one twist, it would shatter into a million pieces. You have that control, Evvie.”

I adored this book and felt it was a great addition as a spin off to the Shattered series. There are enough twist and turns and plenty of action to keep you hooked and begging for more. I can’t wait for the next book!

*ARC received for an honest review

My Rating


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