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REVIEW - Torn From You

Torn From You – Nashoda Rose
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Love is like an avalanche. It hits hard, fast and without mercy.
At least it did for me when Sculpt, the lead singer of the rock band Tear Asunder knocked me off my feet. Literally, because he’s also a fighter, illegally of course, and he taught me how to fight. He also taught me how to love and I fell hard for him. I mean the guy could do sweet, when he wasn't doing bossy, and I like sweet.

Then it all shattered.

I was alone and fighting to survive.
When I heard Sculpt's voice, I thought he was there to save me.

I was wrong.

*Warning: This book contains some disturbing situations, strong language and sexual content. Over 18 years.
 It is highly recommended to read "With You" the novella first. 

My Review
Wow. I don’t even know where to start right now because my thoughts are all over the place. The emotions and thoughts that this story makes you produce are just crazy. This book takes place somewhat in two parts, the first is ‘the event’. This is the horrific part of the story that draws you in and gives the background to the second part. The first part of the book is so dark and crazy that I actually wondered how Nashoda Rose was going to allow Eme to move on from what she endured. The second part of the book focuses on the aftermath of the event, where love and forgiveness and the inner turmoil of the characters are stretched to their limit, and I actually wondered which direction the story would take, but I am very pleased with how the plot played out.

“You, Emily. You're worth fighting for. I fought all my life, but never for anything worthwhile. Now... Now I'm fighting for my heart. Bullshit ends here and now.”

For me, it was the synopsis that sold me on the book. I read and I thought ‘this sounds like a good, dramatic read’ and I was not wrong. Right from the first few sentences into the book I was sold and I devoured this book in one sitting. I enjoyed how in some parts of the book we felt the romance and the togetherness of Logan and Eme, and then we were immediately thrust into what felt like an alternate story where the darker, twisted side of the characters were emerging. The best way I can describe it is that it is a Jekyll and Hyde of a story. At first were given a sweet and engaging prologue, only for this to be ripped away in an instant and to the darker side.

"You will fear me, Emily. And if you don't…I will make you."

The first part of the book is the darker, twisted tale of Eme and Logan’s/Sculpts story. This is where we find that Eme is kidnapped and taken to be placed in the sex slave industry. She is surrounded by torture and see’s such horrific things that you wonder how she will ever recover. She is slowly losing her mind and at some points finds herself wishing for death for herself and the other ‘slaves’ around her. All she wants is for Logan, her lover and knight in shining armour to come in and save her. Be careful what you wish for…

Logan is the embodiment of everything that you could want a man to be in a book. He’s a Rock star, a broken hero, he’s a fighter, dominant, possessive and one heck of a dirty talker. When Emily sees him in her prison she is so euphoric and can see the freedom. Until she learns he is a part and a key player of this prison she is in. She feels trapped and sees no way out. Her days are long and full of pain. How will she survive?

"What we had, we can't get back, Sculpt."
"We can, 'cause it never fuckin' left."

The second part of this book is soooo different from the first but just as good. It takes place two years after the events of the first and Emily is still trying to repair her life and escape the nightmares of the time that was taken from her. She is focused on healing herself and helping abused horses that she finally feels somewhat normal once again. That is, until Logan waltzes back into her life. All he wants is for Emily to love him again. But how can she? When all he does is remind her of the living nightmare he was once a part of. She just cannot let go of the hurt and the past that he represents. Instead of spoiling the story I will just say that this is where the story gets REALLY good and we get to see the two characters rebuild themselves and their relationships. This is the part of the story where we find out all the answers to the questions of the first part of the book and we see each piece fall in place, setting up an action packed ending that is sure to leave you on the edge of your seat.

“Trust is built. Ours just needs to be rebuilt and it takes time. But baby, we’ll do it together.”          

This book was far different than my usual read but I am 100% glad that I ventured into this area. This story was totally unexpected and completely got under your skin. I just had to finish it. I would recommend that you read the ‘With You’ novella beforehand to get a better feel of the characters beforehand. A book that begins with a bang, draws you in and keeps you there until the very last page. Even though you feel such anguish and heartbreak in the story, you can’t help but love it.

“Please don’t ask me to let you go. I can’t do it. I’m not strong enough to do it again.”

My Rating

This book gets the coveted 6 stars
I would not change One. Single. Thing. It was amazing.
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